The most common questions here:

Q. Are the followers real and active?

Of course yes. The service we offer attracts to your profile real people, active and segmented by interest through hashtags.

Q. Will my account be closed for using these services?


Q. Do you have a customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and expert customer service representatives are available to answer your questions, Contact us here

Q. How do I start the free trial?

The free trial is available for all Instagram accounts that you add to your dashboard. To start the free trial, you must first connect the account and configure the hashtags and locations. Then in a term not greater than 48 hours your service will be activated manually. Once the trial period is over you will be notified and you will be able to purchase a package.

Q. Why the free trial has not started yet?

All services are activated manually from Monday-Saturday between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm Miami time. Once the service is activated, remember to wait from 12h to 24h to start seeing results of our algorithm.

Q. Are there discounts?

Of course! Take advantage of the quarterly package and get a 20% discount. Receive 90 days of service for one dollar a day. You will save a lot of money on advertising through a secure and guaranteed investment.

Q. What are the interactions?

Interactions is a very simple type of activity, our algorithm likes images. Choose one of your hashtags or Instagram followers. Then go through the images and like the images that fit your other settings. For example, if you have set up your blacklists, MasVentas will follow these rules when choosing the images you want.

Q. What are the hashtags?

A hashtag consists of words or phrases (without spaces) preceded by the character #. This has made it possible for users to participate in conversations on a particular topic, and thus be grouped under the same label. In Instagram, hashtags are used to unify, catalog images and find profiles and brands easily. The hashtags that you save in the Settings page of your account will serve as a source to find new Instagram users with whom to interact. The algorithm will randomly choose one of the hashtags that you have entered and you will find the last images and users that have published there.
We recommend using popular hashtags with at least 100,000 posts.

Q. Why is my Instagram account temporarily limited?

Instagram may ban you in all or some activity on your account and this means that MasVentas will not be able to do more activity at this time. These restrictions are there to prevent SPAM and you may experience temporary limitations for a few hours or a day. Instagram can limit you to Like, Follow, Stop or all of these at the same time. Instagram will limit your account if they think you are doing too much activity. There is no established activity limit: it varies from one account to another. Older and more active accounts will have higher activity thresholds than newer and less active accounts. To avoid this we recommend that you avoid Massively Likes from your account, or that you follow and stop following the users massively while our algorithm is running, as this makes it appear that there are two devices doing many things at once.
Also for no reason execute another type of Robot or algorithm to gain followers on Instagram while our service is active.

Q. Why do you need Instagram login credentials?

Our algorithm interacts with other Instagram users from your account on your behalf. In order to do so, our system must be able to log in and disconnect from its Instagram freely without having to disturb it every time that happens. Your personal information is stored securely, encrypted and not shared with third parties. We will never use your Instagram account to do anything other than the activity specified in the terms of service (Interact, follow, stop following, attract visitors to your profile).